Your questions and answers
Q - Will I have to supply my own artwork or can you design it for me?
A - It is best if you can supply your artwork as a print ready PDF or AI file. However if this is not possible, our in-house design studio can produce the artwork for you.
Q - I require my job to be printed on a specialist paper / special fabric, can this be done?

A - Yes, we can offer a wide range of specialist papers / fabrics from all the main manufacturers.
Q - How long will my print order take?
A - Once your artwork has been signed off as ok, then your print order will be with you within an agreed time. This is usually within approx 10 working days.
Q - Can I check the progress of my order?
A - You are more than welcome to phone us at any time during office hours to check the progress of your job. If you have supplied an email address then we will send you emails regarding the production stages of your job from origination to delivery.
Q - Can I have a proof of my job before it goes to start?
A - If you supply your own artwork, a PDF proof can be supplied via email to check everything matches your original artwork. If we design the artwork, a PDF proof will be emailed to you. If you want production sample before production, there will be sample charge depends on what products.
Q- Will my artwork be checked for errors?
A-    We cannot be held responsible for errors in your artwork. It is very important that you check your artwork and proofs very carefully as they are your responsibility.
Q- Will I be charged for changing to my artwork?
A-     If your artwork is supplied and changes need to be made you will need to submit another email with the corrected artwork. If we have designed your artwork, we will help to revise the artwork and the change will be made as free upon your order.
Q- What will be the best way to send my artwork?
A-     The best way to send your artwork is via email. If your files are very big, then you can send PDF file in high resolution.
Q-Which programme would be best to produce my artwork in?
A-     We would prefer your artwork to be produced in high resolution PDF format, or Adobe or Qark Xpress will be fine.
Q- When will I have to pay for my order? How to pay?
A-     Payment will need to be taken when placing your order. Paypal is accepted. You can also pay to us through bank account or by Western Union. Once order confirmed, we will send you our bank account for the payment.
Q- How long does delivery take?
A-     All orders are to be shipped by DHL 2-3 days service around the world. DHL cost are charged at a very low discount according to different season and different area.
Q- I require my job to be delivered to different addresses, is this possible? 
A-    Yes. We can send your job to different addresses as you required, even any China address is also ok.

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